The gift from Nicolai Tangen puts our city in the elite division of visual art! 

Nicolai Tangen has offered Kristiansand an art collection comprising 1,100 Norwegian works, which he has collected over a period of 20 years. The 1,100 works constitute what experts have called the most important collection of Norwegian art from the 1930s to the 1970s. 

Kristiansand is the proud recipient of this gift. 

A collection like this deserves – and needs – a unique building. We have high expectations of this building. It must be suitable as an art arena, with exhibition areas that communicate and highlight the unique qualities of the art collection. 

Our vision is to create an art museum of high architectural quality and international importance. 

And our expectations don’t stop there. The building that will house the collection should also enhance the area and the city as a whole. The old prize-winning, heritage silo can do just that, in addition to creating a cutting-edge framework for a collection of early modernistic art. 

Kristiansand’s vision is to double the number of people living in the city centre. The Kanalbyen area, beside the old Silo Quay, will house many new city residents. The silo and its neighbour, Kilden Performing Arts Centre, will form an attractive link between Kanalbyen and the Kvadraturen city centre area. 

In autumn 2015, the idea of co-locating the Tangen Collection and Sørlandets Kunstmuseum (SKMU) was born. With the Cultural School, Ungdomskilden drama group and a drama centre for young people near Kilden, this natural end point on Kristiansand’s cultural axis can become a cultural powerhouse in the city. 

Sørlandet Kunstmuseum, Kanalbyen Eiendom AS and Kristiansand municipality are jointly holding the competition. We look forward to receiving designs showing how both the silo and the area around it can be transformed from a harbour area into an area for art, culture and commerce.

Harald Furre

Mayor Kristiansand Municipality