Passions of the North

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Franciska Clausen, Contrastes des formes, 1927. Tangen-samlingen. ©Franciska Clausen/BONO
11 May 2024
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May 11th 2024, the doors of Kunstsilo will open, and we welcome you to the very first exhibition in our unique and completely renovated silo. Kunstsilo houses the Tangen Collection, comprising over 5,000 works amassed over 25 years by Nicolai Tangen

Passions of the North presents the largest ever display of the Tangen Collection under one roof. Over 600 works from the collection will be showcased, and the exhibition, curated by Åsmund Thorkildsen, takes us on a rich and diverse journey through Nordic art of the 20th century.

How is art influenced by society and the lives we live?

Nordic Modernism refers to the artistic movement that flourished in the Nordic region throughout the 20th century. In an era marked by significant changes in art, culture, and society, Nordic artists were influenced by global currents. They often explored the tension between modern urban life and the traditional, stable life back home in the Nordics.

“The Norwegian collection is, of course, leading in terms of the number of artworks, but the Swedish, Finnish, and Danish collections also have a representation that is unparalleled in museum collections in the Nordic countries. Kristiansand is fortunate to display the world’s foremost collection of Nordic art in Kunstsilo.”

- Bo Nilsson, curator, and artistic director of Artipelag, Stockholm

For the modern artist in the 20th century, passion was a major driving force. They lived in a world of great change. A desire for exploration and the need for development led Nordic artists out into the world during Modernism. Experiences and insights were expressed through their art. In vibrant cities like Berlin, Munich, Paris, London, and New York, they engaged with the form and content of modern art.

Interest in new technology and politics, along with major questions about humanity's and art's place in the new world, were central themes for Modernist artists - and perhaps feel just as relevant today?

“It’s hard to pinpoint why, but I like the universal abstract language in Concrete Art. It doesn’t tell you what you are looking at, or are meant to understand, but instead challenges you to think and feel.”

- Nicolai Tangen

Kunstsilo opens on 11th May 2024, and Passions of the North is Kunstsilo's inaugural exhibition.

The exhibition is curated by Åsmund Thorkildsen, a renowned Norwegian museum leader, curator, and author with a background from Kunstnernes Hus, and former director of both the Astrup Fearnley Museum of Modern Art and The Museum of Drammen of Art and Cultural History.

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